Furniture Design

When a home décor store can’t provide you with what you need, choose Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc.!

Furniture Design

Furniture Design | Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. - Monroe, LA

To give your home a distinctive look, you should consider furniture design services by Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. In addition to our space planning and custom window treatment, our furniture design service is a major attraction with our customers living in Monroe, LA and the surrounding areas. Furniture design doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may first appear. When you hire our specialists, we will help craft pieces of furniture that are designed to maximize the utility of your space.

When store-bought furniture simply won’t cut it, you are a prime candidate for our furniture design service. We listen closely to your plans, and our well-trained team will create something that is perfect for your property! Furniture design is a major attraction for residential and commercial property owners alike. Your guests will admire the dedication and seemingly high expense you paid for your specially designed furniture. But, at Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc., we offer you affordable furniture design!

Is the furniture in your space not large enough to accommodate your needs? Or, maybe you need additional furniture but you cannot find the right pieces in stores? Believe it or not, this is a common problem for many homeowners. Instead of buying furniture that you don’t like or that will not serve your needs, invest in furniture design with our competent team. The reward of our professional workmanship is furniture that was built specially for you. To us, we see no greater pleasure than a sofa you can call all your own!

Whether you need just one sofa made or an entire room filled, we will gladly offer you floor plan supervision for your furniture. Designing it is only part of the process. We are also here to ensure that it fits in its desired space perfectly. For your furniture design needs, call Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. of Monroe, LA!

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