Custom Window Treatment

When a home décor store can’t provide you with what you need, choose Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc.!

Custom Window Treatment

Custom Window Treatment | Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. - Monroe, LA

There simply is no alternative to custom window treatment. This service will guarantee that the windows in your home have their own distinct character. If you are a residential or commercial client living in Monroe, LA and you need custom window treatment, pick up the phone and give Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. a call right away! Our specialists can beautify your windows for an affordable price. By relying on our professional expertise, your custom window treatment will be a work of art that you can take pride in for many years to come.

We love helping our customers make over their home and work spaces with their choice of custom window treatment. We use the best materials available and offer a wide selection of brands for you to choose from. Our custom window treatments include custom draperies, blinds, and more! Because your home has its own feel, we will be more than happy to assist in the designing and implementation of your custom window treatment.

We are the company you run to when you when you cannot find the window treatment you want in the stores. Every year, homeowners are realizing the benefits of custom window treatment. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy with your custom window treatment project:

• Induce Focal Points—Because your windows are a prominent part of your house, your guests will admire your custom window treatments. Your window treatments will create new visual focal points.

• Variety—With the many different colors, textures, and fabrics for you to choose from, custom window treatment is the ultimate investment. You are sure to find your own unique style with us!

• Elegance—Although custom window treatments are generally more expensive than ready-made, store-bought treatments, they add a touch of elegance that pre-fabricated treatments simply cannot match.

Start enjoying your windows today with custom window treatment by Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. of Monroe, LA!

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