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Space Planning

Space Planning | Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. - Monroe, LA

No interior design project is successful without professional space planning! Space planning is the part of the design process where the layout of your...

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Custom Window Treatment

Custom Window Treatment | Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. - Monroe, LA

There simply is no alternative to custom window treatment. This service will guarantee that the windows in your home have their own distinct character...

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Furniture Design

Furniture Design | Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. - Monroe, LA,LA

To give your home a distinctive look, you should consider furniture design services by Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. In addition to our space planning...

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Welcome To Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc.

How often have you considered transforming your home to match your changing lifestyle or comfort level? You may have considered home remodeling services but decided against this because of the high costs associated with such projects. Thankfully, there is a cost-effective alternative that can give your home long-lasting character and appeal.

Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. is proud to offer -top notch interior design services to residential and commercial customers in Monroe, LA! We will give you the look you want for less!

Instead of investing your money in a remodeling project that can take months even when everything goes according to plan, try making your vision come true through interior design. Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc. is a licensed interior designer that can help bring even your most creative designs into fruition.

We specialize in comprehensive floor planning, custom window treatment, and furniture design. We are the team you call when you wish to give your home or business its own unique look. We have many materials and styles for you to choose from.

By recognizing that our business depends on our ability to fulfill our customers’ wishes, we work hard to ensure that you are thrilled with our end product. This is why we offer our customers a consultation in which we offer you our professional expertise and make decisions together.

We can help achieve the right look for any space at your property. From windows, custom draperies, bedding, upholstery and accessories, we leave no stone unturned. Our professional interior design services will surely impress you and every visitor to your home.

When you don’t want your property looking and feeling like anyone else’s, an interior designer is a worthy investment. We will help bring beauty to your home at an affordable price. Arrange your consultation with Terri Trichel Interiors, Inc., and let’s get started on your project!

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